Vocaler without sugar, soothing throat and hoarseness


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Vocaler without sugar x 12 lozenges, soothing throat and hoarseness

The Vocaler sugar-free medical device is recommended for soothing throat and hoarseness. The product's effectiveness is ensured by a herbal composition of ingredients, including Icelandic lichen and marshmallow. The preparation is in the form of raspberry-flavored lozenges.

Vocaler composition without sugar:

Icelandic lichen extract, marshmallow root extract, chokeberry juice powder, raspberry juice powder, sage oil, isomalt, malic acid, natural raspberry flavor, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Contains sweeteners.

Vocaler operation without sugar:

Herbal composition of active substances provides effective soothing hoarseness and reducing throat irritation. The Vocaler sugar-free medical device helps restore comfort of speech, works great in the case of sore throats in the course of a cold. Raspberry-flavored sage pastilles moisturize the throat mucosa, and coat it with a protective film. Additionally, they alleviate the symptoms accompanying the overload of the vocal cords. Due to the lack of sugar, the preparation is suitable for diabetics and people controlling daily carbohydrate intake.

Vocaler sugar-free medical device intended for use in the case of hoarseness and throat irritation.

Additional information:
Store out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. In case of excessive consumption, a laxative effect may occur. It does not contain sugar (sucrose) and gluten. The product is suitable for diabetics, vegans and vegetarians.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation. Do not use in cases of hereditary fructose intolerance.

How to use Vocaler lozenges without sugar:

For children over 6 years of age and adults, it is recommended to suck one lozenge several times a day (depending on needs). The product is suitable for longer use, however, if after 10 days of using the pills the symptoms persist, it is recommended to consult a doctor.