VOLTANATURA herbal gel for muscle tension

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VoltaNatura herbal gel for muscle tension.

• Combines extracts from arnica, horse chestnut and Asian pennywort (Centella asiatica), which are known for their soothing and calming effect on tense muscles, with wintergreen (Gaultheria) and peppermint, which have refreshing and cooling properties.

everyday use: The aloe vera-based gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and is not greasy, so you can apply it to the skin at any time.

• High quality extraction: the herbal ingredients for VoltaNatura are extracted using high quality production standards without synthetic solvents.

• Massaging a gel containing arnica, water navel, horse chestnut, and / or wintergreen oil into the skin can increase blood flow to the affected area and help soothe tense muscles.

"Recyclable cardboard. FSC-Mix certified. * * Forest Stewardship Council. Corresponds to a combination of FSC-certified fresh fibers (from FSC-certified forests), controlled sources and / or recycled fibers. Outer carton recyclable."

Are you looking for a natural way to soothe tight or tired muscles?
Apply VoltaNatura herbal gel for muscle tension. With the power of six plants, it soothes, cools and cares for muscle tension.

The cosmetic gel contains a special combination of proven herbal ingredients. While arnica, horse chestnut and Asian pennywort (Centella asiatica) are known for their soothing and calming properties for tense muscles, wintergreen (Gaultheria) and peppermint have refreshing and cooling effects. Thanks to Aloe Vera, VoltaNatura Gel is quickly absorbed and not greasy.

Massage the gel in gently to relieve muscle tension, e.g. B. in the back, shoulder and neck area or in the legs to calm down. Use VoltaNatura as needed (e.g. 2-3 times a day) on tense or tired muscles.