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VOSKOLIX Microspray to ear hygiene 30ml, micro spray


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  • VOSKOLIX Microspray to ear hygiene is a product that affects the removal of traffic jams wax from the ears and prevents their formation. Additionally, it exhibits soothing and cares.

VOSKOLIX Microspray to ear hygiene Composition:
Natural olive oil

VOSKOLIX Microspray to ear hygiene Action:
The product has a unique, natural composition, which used helps to eliminate residual wax in the ears. In addition, exhibits moisturizing and anti accumulation of earwax in the ear canals. It ensures proper hygiene of the ear canal. It relieves symptoms of irritation and easily applied with a special tip.

The preparation should be used to remove the cork the wax out of your ears and relieve the irritation inside the ear canal.Recommended for people practicing sports.

Use aural. Apply 1-2 doses x 1-2 / 24.