VULVOVAGI spray 20ml.

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VULVOVAGI spray 20ml./Vulvovagi

VULVOVAGI spray application:

Affects vaginal dryness, infections, inflammation, itching, redness, burning, physiological changes and abnormal secretions caused by hypoxia.

VULVOVAGI spray Composition:

OZOILE® (Stable ozonides with vitamin E acetate), tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia), glycyrrhetinic acid.

VULVOVAGI spray Act:

Counteracts hypoxia and restores physiological pH

Ozone-derived molecular oxygen in OZOILE counteracts physiological changes and abnormal secretion as a result of hypoxia caused by the negative effects of bacteria and fungi.

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, fungicidal and virustatic action.

The clinically proven effects of OZOILE are enhanced by the therapeutic properties of glycyrrhizinic acid and tea tree leaf oil.

VULVOVAGI spray Dosage and method of administration:

During the acute phase: spray the affected area twice a day, morning and evening until complete disappearance of symptoms.

Maintenance course: 1 application in the evening for a week.