Walnut shells, wormwood, clove blossoms, Herbal concentrate tea, Juglandis bottles

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Walnut shells, wormwood, clove blossoms, HERBAL TEA CONCENTRATE Juglandis bottles 500 ml

Herbal tea aperitif Junglandis, 500 ml glass bottle  - Herbal tea aperitif for antioxidant support of the immune system's performance.

Composition: water, spelled distillate (17%), walnut shells, wormwood, clove blossoms

Content: 500ml glass bottle


Recommended Walnut shells, wormwood, clove blossoms, Herbal concentrate tea dosage: 


3 to 10 ml twice a day with 500 ml water

Storage:  keep cool and dark!

In 2007, the EU decided that in future the nutritional benefits of foods may only be advertised to the extent that the benefit claims have been approved by the EU authority "EFSA". It is no longer important whether the statement can be proven scientifically, but solely on the successful completion of an EU approval process. The approval processes are partially published and as a first trend it can be said that the EU benefit statements for conventional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements have been issued relatively correctly, while almost all decisions on plant raw materials have not yet been made. Plant components contain an almost innumerable variety of ingredients,


Note Walnut shells, wormwood, clove blossoms, Herbal concentrate tea: 


Do not exceed recommended consumption for dietary supplements. They should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.