WARMIES dachshund Soft Toy, Toys

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WARMIES dachshund Soft Toy, Toys

pack size: pc

The faithful dachshund ...

... follows you everywhere.

He wants to be wherever you are.

Self-confident and courageous, the friendly dachshund protects its master from all dangers and then snuggles up on his feet or stomach in the evening to keep him warm.
He loves to be petted and smells wonderfully of lavender.
Our dachshund is about 33 cm long and weighs about 750 g.

With a non-removable millet grain and lavender filling. WARMIES dachshund Soft Toy, Toys.
To ensure even heat distribution, knead the product carefully before use and check the temperature on a sensitive part of the body (e.g. crook of arm). Be sure to follow the instructions for use!