WARMIES Llama, cute toy, toys

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WARMIES Llama, cute toy, toys

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No Problama - here comes the llama!

The friendly trend animal from the Andes.

Our charming llama is a curious and extremely friendly creature. In addition to the pleasant lavender scent and cozy warmth, it spreads a good mood everywhere. The trend animal with fluffy soft fur is approx. 24 cm high, approx. 33 cm long and weighs approx. 700 g. Who doesn't dream of a cute llama to cuddle and cuddle at home?

With removable millet grain and lavender filling.

Thanks to the removable filling, this product can be hand washed at up to 30°C. Remove the filling beforehand, this itself is not washable.

To ensure even heat distribution, knead the product carefully before use and check the temperature on a sensitive part of the body (e.g. crook of arm). Be sure to follow the instructions for use!


Heating in the microwave: remove the paper label from the product and save for later use. Heat the clean and dry product in the microwave for a maximum of 90 seconds at a maximum of 800 watts. Ensure that the turntable rotates freely, is clean or free of grease residue and that the microwave switches off automatically after a maximum of 90 seconds. Switch off the grill function! Always allow the product to cool to room temperature before heating. Check the heat development from time to time. When the product is first heated, a small amount of moisture may form on the surface of the product, but this will disappear after repeated use.

WARMIES Llama, cute toy, toys. Never overheat the product! Only heat the product under adult supervision. Take care when removing the product from the microwave. Note the specified heating time and wattage.
Direct skin contact can cause burns. Always knead carefully, especially before giving the product to a child, to ensure that the product is not too hot and that the heat is evenly distributed.

WARMIES Llama, cute toy, toys Attention:
The surface temperature can continue to rise even after the actual heating after removal from the microwave. Before use, check the temperature of the product (max. 41°C) on a sensitive part of the body (e.g. in the crook of your arm).