WARMIES pug beige Soft Toy, Toys

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WARMIES pug beige Soft Toy, Toys

pack size: pc

The lovable pug ...

... feels comfortable everywhere.

He boldly protects his master and inspires everyone with his cuddly appearance and his cute look. As a loyal companion, the charming pug is not only a cool trendsetter, he loves to be cuddled and cuddled and spreads a soothing lavender scent when you hug him.
The pug is about 25 cm high and weighs about 780 g.

With a non-removable millet grain and lavender filling. WARMIES pug beige Soft Toy, Toys

To ensure even heat distribution, knead the product carefully before use and check the temperature on a sensitive part of the body (e.g. crook of arm). Be sure to follow the instructions for use!