WARMIES SOFT TOY sheep wool beige outside pillow, Toys

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WARMIES SOFT TOY sheep wool beige outside pillow Toy, Toys

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WARMIES soft toy sheep wool beige

Beddy Bear & Friends - THE ORIGINAL: The world's first warm soft toy completely for the microwave!

It is the dual functionality that makes the warming stuffed animal so innovative and so attractive, especially for children: during the day as an attractive playmate and cuddly toy, in the evening as a cozy source of warmth. The new microwavable generation of teddy bears for playing, cuddling and natural warmth! For big and small children...

An attractive toy! An additional source of heat! A high quality gift!

A great playmate - a cuddly toy from our house belongs in every children's room and playroom!
As an additional benefit: A blessing for muscle tension, joint or stomach pain or simply for cuddling, warming up and relaxing. Also the ideal sleeping aid .
After each microwave application, the product is always free of fungi and germs
. An ideal replacement for conventional hot-water bottles. The application is easier, faster and, above all, safer, because there is no need to fill in hot water and there is no risk of scalding.
The warm stuffed animals are approx. 30cm tall and made of velvety soft fur.

Heating in the microwave or electric oven

Please remove the paper label and heat the clean and dry product in the microwave for a maximum of 90 seconds at a maximum of 800 watts.

To warm it up in a preheated electric oven, place the warming stuffed animal on a plate or in a bowl on the lower rail at 100°C for a maximum of 10 minutes. Always switch off the grill function.

WARMIES SOFT TOY sheep wool beige outside pillow, Toys Cooling

To cool, you can put the product in the freezer for 20 minutes

or in the fridge for 1 hour. To protect against moisture, please wrap it in a plastic bag beforehand