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WARMIES SOFT TOY Sleepy Bear turquoise

Greenlife Value GmbH

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WARMIES soft toy Sleepy Bear Turquoise

pack size: pc

Don't worry, he's not drunk! But still lulls you to sleep with warmth.

Life is full of Warmies® moments!
Nest warmth for the little ones:
Babies like to be comforted by the cuddly sight and cared for by the warmth.
A friend to cuddle:
The cute stuffed animal for every day becomes a warm stuffed animal to fall asleep to in no time.
WARMIES SOFT TOY Sleepy Bear turquoise Heat for two:
Beneficial during pregnancy for back pain or to comfortably enjoy the anticipation.
Work before pleasure:
After sports or gardening, you really deserve some warm relaxation.

Our Warmies® Sleepy Bears are approx. 30 cm long and have velvety soft fur.
They weigh approx. 730-750 grams and are therefore lighter than a 1 liter hot water bottle (1,000 grams)!
WARMIES SOFT TOY Sleepy Bear turquoise With lavender grain filling.
They are certified according to EN71-1/2/3 guidelines and are therefore suitable for babies.
After each microwave application, our products are always free of fungi and germs
The Warmies® are a bit ahead of classic hot-water bottles: They are easy to use, faster and, above all, safer, because there is no need to fill in hot water and there is no risk of scalding!

Unpack the product and remove any tags that may be present.
Place the clean product in the microwave as is. Warm-up time: 90 seconds at a maximum of 800 watts. Finished.
The heated product can be used immediately.