Wart removal | LAPIS Devil's peel for removal of warts (warts) x 1 piece

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  • Wart removal. Lapis The Devil's stone is a medical device containing silver nitrate and potassium nitrate, ingredients used in dermatology to treat skin changes caused by viruses: verrucae vulgares and condylomata acuminata.

Wart removal | LAPIS Devil's peel Composition:
stick contains: silver nitrate 97 parts, potassium nitrate 3 parts.

Wart removal | LAPIS Devil's peel Action:
Lapis Devil's pebble is an innovative, safe and proven medical device in the form of an active stick, which helps in removing skin lesions in the form of warts caused by common wart viruses (verrucae vulgares) and condylomata acuminata (condylomata acuminata). The efficacy of the medical device Lapis Devil's pebble was confirmed by doctors and satisfied patients.

Wart removal | LAPIS Devil's peel Application:
Silver nitrate stick (Stilus argenti nitrici) is used as an aid in the treatment of certain skin lesions of viral origin: verrucae vulgares and condylomata acuminata. It accelerates granulation and epithelialization and thus effectively promotes healing of damaged skin.

Wart removal | LAPIS Devil's peel Before the first and each subsequent use:
Wear safety goggles. It is also recommended to use protective gloves (eg latex). Remove the protective cap from the product. Remove the thin, colored paraffin layer that protects the stick from moisture from the air. From the tip of the stick, about 3-4 mm long. very gently scrape the colored layer of green paraffin with a sharp knife, so as not to damage the stick. Do not inhale the dust. Carefully rub the surface of the wart (warts) with the stick with circular movements for a few seconds.

The natural humidity of the affected area after a few minutes will start to react with silver nitrate, which will be blackened at the application site. Do not allow contact with healthy skin. After 24 hours from the application, healing can be accelerated by removing the resulting black stain, eg by polishing with a pumice stone. We repeat the treatment, until the wart defect disappears completely. Each time after application, protect the stick against moisture from the air by fitting the protective cap as quickly as possible.