Wedges interdigital x 1 set, walking comfort


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  • set of Vaya interdigital wedges that protect deformed toes and improve walking comfort. The set contains three wedges in different sizes: two large and one small.

Wedges correct the position of tilted, hammered fingers overlapping. It brings relief and reduces discomfort while walking. Protects against abrasions and blisters, reduces pain associated with prints and calluses, reduces pressure and prevents the formation of nail glands.

Interdigital wedges intended for use to improve walking comfort, especially in the case of tilted, overlapping and hammered fingers.

Additional information:
Reusable product.

Directions for use:
Insert a wedge between your fingers so that the longer end is at the top. Wedges are reusable. They can be washed by hand in warm water with the addition of soap, and after washing, rinse and dry.