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  • WEIGHT BABY BEURER BY 80. Very precise weighing machine infants and young children. Created specifically for this task! Weight Infant Beurer BY 80 has a unique profiled surface and the HOLD function, which facilitates measurement of a moving child.

several weeks or kilkunastomiesięczne child difficult to weigh some babies fidgeting, which effectively prevents a precise measurement. And if they have a special importance taking into account the behavior of strenuous babies? Fortunately, marka Beurer thought about it and developed a weight infantile BY 80. HOLD function and TARE function used in the device allow you to weigh the baby moving, and weighing recessed surface makes the child will be safe during the measurement. For turning on the scale used technology Button-On, off automatically. The result appears on the large, clear LCD display, mom has the option to change the unit of weight (kg / lb / st). The weight is stable, has a non-slip rubber feet, easy to keep it clean. It should also appreciate the function of storing one measurement. Weight is battery-powered, enclosed in a set of two 1.5V AA batteries. The manufacturer took over its five-year product warranty.

Beurer baby BY 80 recommended for the measurement of body weight of infants and children up to 20kg.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Power supply: battery;
maximum load: 20kg;
Accuracy: 5g;
Display: 75mm;
the size of display digits: 23mm;
dimensions: 55cm x 31cm x 5,3cm.

Warranty: 5 years.