Weleda cough elixir 100 ml


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Weleda cough elixir 100 ml

Weleda cough elixir Composition 100 g (= 76 ml) contains:
5 g aqueous extract from 0.6 g Althaeae radix / 30 g aqueous Decoctum from: 0.15 g Solanum dulcamara, Stipites sicc .; 0.35 g of Marrubium vulgare, Herba sicc .; 0.5 g of anisi fructus; 0.35 g Serpylli herba; 2.85 g Thymi herba / Drosera Dil. D2 [D2 with ethanol 30% (m / m)] 0.1 g / Extractum Malti 5 g / Ipecacuanha, ethanol. Decoctum Ø (= D1) 0.1 g / Pulsatilla vulgaris Dil. D3 [D2 with ethanol 43% (m / m), D3 with ethanol 30% (m / m)] 0.01 g.
Excipients: sucrose (sucrose).

Weleda cough elixir Areas of application:
According to the anthroposophical knowledge of man and nature.
These include: Acute catarrhal inflammation of the airways; to promote the coughing up of tough phlegm and to relieve the urge to cough.

Weleda cough elixir dosage:
Unless otherwise prescribed, children from 6 years of age and adults take 5 ml Weleda cough elixir every 3 hours. Infants aged 1 to 5 receive 1.25 to 2.5 ml Weleda cough elixir 3 times a day.

Weleda cough elixir Warning:
Contains sucrose (sucrose), please read the package insert.