WELEDA Ratanhia mouthwash 50 ml


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Weleda Ratanhia mouthwash
keeps you healthy and refreshed

The Weleda Ratanhia mouthwash stimulates the natural functions of the oral mucosa and the oral flora with essential oils and mineral substances and ensures fresh breath without impairing the taste. Extracts from the Peruvian ratanhia plant and myrrh strengthen the gums and the oral mucosa and thus help to prevent inflammation and bleeding gums.

WELEDA Ratanhia mouthwash Application:
Pour a few squirts of the mouthwash into a half-full glass with lukewarm water. Use it to rinse your mouth thoroughly and gargle in your throat. In the case of pressure points and a tendency towards inflammation, the Ratanhia mouthwash can be applied undiluted to the sensitive areas and gum edges with the fingertip or a soaked cotton ball and massaged in. A soothing, calming effect is immediately felt.

WELEDA Ratanhia mouthwash Please note:
The ratanhia extract can discolour ceramic and plastic parts (eg irrigators).

WELEDA Ratanhia mouthwash Ingredients:
Alcohol, water, extract from myrrh, extract from ratanhia root, mixture of natural essential oils, extract from chestnuts **, fluorite **, silver **, kieserite **. [Parasep] ** in highly diluted form.