WEPA salt water nasal rinse sachets

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WEPA salt water nasal rinse sachets,

WEPA nasal rinsing salt

each WEPA nasal

rinsing salt nasal rinsing with salt water gently cleanses the nose and supports the removal of dust, dirt, allergens and potential pathogens. Regular use of nasal rinses moisturizes the nasal mucous membranes and supports them in their natural function.

Dosage form and content:

Salt for the preparation of a nasal
rinsing solution 20 sachets à 2.95 g
Also available as a pack of 60.

Composition nasal rinsing
salt : 100% sodium chloride Ph. Eur. (Pharmaceutical common salt); does not contain any other additives.

Application areas:
For cleaning and caring for the nasal mucosa z. B. with increased exposure to dust and dirt, for prophylaxis in times of increased risk of colds and pollen.

When used as directed, the nasal rinsing salt is suitable for adults and children from 4 years of age, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.