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WEPA wart icer

WEPA Pharmacy Supplies GmbH & Co KG

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WEPA wart icer

Pack size:pc Dosage form:metered dose aerosol

WEPA Wart Freezer

WEPA Wart Freezer is a medical device for the easy removal of common warts and plantar warts.

Dimethyl ether.

Suitable for:
• Adults and children over 4 years Number of applications

How does WEPA Wart Freezer work?
WEPA Wart Freezer can freeze the wart down to the core with a precise spray of cold gas. After treatment, the skin with the treated wart falls off within about 10-14 days.

Hold the nozzle on the wart as shown in the illustration. Make sure that the nozzle ring is firmly and completely in contact with the surrounding skin surface around the wart and support your arm on the table. For effective treatment, it is important to hold the device upright with the nozzle pointing downwards. Start the timer or stopwatch.

Spraying process:
Press the container slowly with your thumb. Spray the wart continuously for the appropriate treatment time (10 or 15 seconds) as described in the instructions for use.

Application/treatment duration * :
• Common warts on the hands should be sprayed for 10 seconds.
• For plantar warts (on the feet), a treatment duration of max. 15 seconds is recommended if the skin is calloused, e.g. on the soles of the feet.
• If the wart is on the top or side of the foot or on a toe, the treatment duration is 10 seconds.
• Contents are sufficient for 10 treatments Application/treatment duration.

* Detailed information can be found in the instructions for use.

WEPA wart icer