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Wet cough, GUAJAZYL syrup, (syrop guajazyl)


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Wet cough, GUAJAZYL syrup 150g, (syrop guajazyl)

  • Guajazyl is a well known and frequently used formulation in the form of a syrup, the operation of which facilitates the process of sputum retained secretions in respiratory diseases.


Wet cough, GUAJAZYL syrup Composition:

Guaifenesinum 2%
5 ml of syrup contains 125 mg gwajafenezyny and other ingredients: sucrose, povidone, red cochineal, hydroxybenzoate acetate, ethanol 96%, rum essence of the food and purified water.


Wet cough, GUAJAZYL Action:

The drug expectorant. It is believed that guaifenesin increases the volume of bronchial secretion and reduces its viscosity.

wet cough (with sputum production).

Hypersensitivity to guaifenesin.

Use of syrup can mask the symptoms and complicate diagnosis.


Dosage Wet cough, GUAJAZYL:

Adults: 3 - 4 times daily tablespoon of syrup, children from 6 years of age 3 - 4 times a day after spoon.