WHITE PEARL Intensive care whitening toothpaste 75ml


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  • WHITE PEARL Intensive care whitening is toothpaste, which guarantees fast and very good results. Thanks to the formula-enzymatic oxidation in a short time restores teeth to their former whiteness.

Aqua, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Silica, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid, Mentha Piperita Oil, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Saccharin, Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Sodium Fluoride, Xanthan Gum, Glucose Oxidase, Menthol, Eugenia caryophyllus Flower Oil, Methylparaben.

The product has the form of toothpaste, which is designed for quick teeth whitening. It stands out from other products of this type, the innovative formula-enzymatic oxidation. With a guarantee of dental (or very high) quality whitening. Effectively eliminates contamination of surface and deep enamel lost as a result of restoring the whiteness of teeth. Pasta definitely cleanses while preventing the development of caries. Additionally clearly freshens breath.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product
- use in children

The paste should be used in adults as part of hygiene and oral care and teeth whitening to them quickly.

How to use:
Apply topically. Spread a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and then thoroughly brush your teeth (brushing them about 3 minutes). This must be repeated at least 2 x / 24.