WHOLE OXIDIZED IMMUNICOMPLEX SYRUP 250ml / Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex Dr.Wolz

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WHOLE OXIDIZED IMMUNICOMPLEX SYRUP 250ml / Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex Dr.Wolz


Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex Dr.Wolz is a natural Immunactive complex with a high content of beta-glucans, enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and secondary plant substances from fruit and vegetable complexes.

Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex Dr. Wolz contains special enzymatic yeast cells Dr.Wolz. All ingredients are available in a synergistic composition.

Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex Dr. Wolz Purpose:

  • To strengthen the immune system;
  • In case of exhaustion or illness;
  • in case of deficient nutrition;
  • in oncological disease (during and during radiotherapy or chemotherapy should be discussed with your doctor)

Today, food medicine recognizes that health is not maintained by one, two or even ten high doses of the individual components, but is much more effective for the body to receive effective biological, natural substances in their diversity (complex thinking). The synergistic effect means increased efficiency. This principle follows Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex Dr.Wolz.

What are beta-glucans?

Glucans are specific, isolated from the cell walls of yeast ingredients. Due to the special form of binding of the individual glucose molecules to each other (1-3), (1-6), ß-D-Glucan they are indigestible and stimulate the immune system.

Glucans act in the gut, our largest organ of the immune system. Decisive for the effect of glucans is a special form of binding (1-3), (1-6), ß-D-Glucan. Glucans occupy specially prepared receptors on human immune cells (macrophages). By binding glucans to existing immune cell receptors (macrophages), the activity of the scavenger cells is stimulated and other immunomodulatory after-effects are triggered, meaning that the immune system is activated and strengthened.

What are the enzymatic yeast cells Dr. Wolz?

The enzymatic yeast cells Dr. Wolz® contains everything a human cell needs. Enzymes, essential amino acids, vitamins, cellular components such as nucleotides, glutathione, coenzymes and enzyme-related minerals and trace elements. The resemblance to the human cell guarantees good absorption (= high bioavailability). Dr.Wolz® enzyme yeast cells are almost exactly like the cells of the human body - a small biochemical laboratory.

Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex Dr.Wolz Usage:

Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex is a concentrate, so 20-30 ml (2-3 tablespoons) per day is diluted with a drink of your choice (eg multivitamin juice) and taken with or after meals at once or several times.

Is Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex suitable for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetics? Children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as persons who have ever suffered from alcohol dependence should not take Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex, due to the content of naturally fermented alcohol (8-12%.) As an alternative, KinderImmun Dr.Wolz is recommended. Diabetics can take Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex (daily dose 30 ml = 1.3BE).


Amino acids: for 30 ml

- Glycine 107 mg

- Alanine 145 mg

- Serine 120 mg

- Threonine 120 mg

- Valine 135 mg

- Leucine 170 mg

- Aspartic acid 250 mg

- Glutamine 370 mg

- Arginine 120 mg

- Lysine 175 mg

- Cysteine 24 mg

- Methionine 38 mg

- Tyrosine 78 mg

- Phenylalanine 100 mg

- Proline 81 mg

-Tryptophane 28 mg

Minerals, Trace elements: for 30 ml

-Phosphorus 37.5 mg

-Potassium 145 mg

-Sodium 16 mg

-Iron 188 mg

-Manganese 63 mg

-Med 220 mg

-Molybdenum 6.5 mg

-Calcium 6.5 mg

-Zinc 10 mg

-Selenium 50 mg

-Chromium 60 mg

Vitamins: 30 ml

-Vitamin B1 2.8 mg

-Vitamin B2 3.2 mg

-Vitamin B6 4 mg

-Vitamin B12 2 mg

-Niacin (NE) 2.3 mg

-Folic acid 400 mg

-Pantothenic acid 6 mg

-Biotin 300 mg

-Nat. Vitamin E 20 mg

-Vitamin C 120 mg

-Vitamin D3 5 mg -200 I.E.

Biologically active substances: (extract)

-6000 different proteins that are very similar to human proteins


-cellular wall components 1.6 glucans / 1.3 mannans

-SH- scleroproteins







-chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA sequences

Enzymes, coenzymes: (extract)


-cytochrome oxidase


-superoxide dismutase

-NADH (oxygen-carrying coenzyme)

-Alpha-lipoic acid

-Q6, Q10

A daily dose of 30 ml contains 120 billion enzyme- yeast cells. Wolz®