WICK Daymed Combi Economy Set Day- Night 1 pc

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Wick Daymed combi savings set day / night
Wick Daymed

combi cold
drink 10 pcs + WICK MediNait cold syrup fd night 180 ml Wick Daymed combi cold drink Hot drink for the treatment of various symptoms that alleviates 6 cold symptoms without making you tired.

Active ingredients contained in 1 bag:
Paracetamol 500mg (pain reliever and fever reliever), phenylephrine hydrochloride 10mg (relieves colds), guaifenesin 200mg (expectorant).

sucrose 2000 mg, aspartame 6 mg, sodium 157 mg.

WICK MediNait cold syrup for the night

areas of application:
For the symptomatic treatment of common complaints such as headache, limb pain or sore throat, fever, runny nose and dry cough as a result of a cold or a flu-like infection.

For adults and young people aged 16 and over.

Contains 18% alcohol by volume, sucrose (sugar) and sodium compounds. Note leaflet.

WICK Daymed Combi Economy Set Day- Night For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.