WIPES Kleenex 10op. x 9 pieces aroma of chamomile protects the nose from irritation and redness


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  • Tissues Kleenex chamomile aroma, a pleasant, delicate handkerchiefs with extracts of chamomile, which protects the nose from irritation and redness. In one, a small and handy packaging is 9 wipes.

three-ply tissues made ​​from soft, delicate skin material.

Wipes Kleenex chamomile aroma, a very friendly sensitive skin of the nose, strong and triple tissues that hold fresh aroma of chamomile and are particularly sensitive - especially for zakatarzonego, nasal congestion. Test Product dermatologically, non-sensitizing and does not cause any irritation.

Wipes Kleenex rumnianek aroma, the nose will protect against irritation and redness.