Wrist straps - Mrs Teresa's wrist strap short size S x 1 piece

Ms. Teresa Medica SA

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  • Wrist straps product that will restore your comfort to some activities? Mrs Teresa's elastic wristband, which protects the wrist joint and strengthens it. The bandage also relieves pain and swelling. Size S: wrist circumference - 14-18cm.

Material composition:
Polyester - 41%, polypropylene - 37%, elastodien - 22%.

Action: The
wristband of Ms. Teresa is a perfect solution especially for those who overload the wrist joint and physically active. The proper stabilization provided by the product contributes to strengthening the ligaments and reducing pain and swelling in the event of injury. Using a bandage also reduces the risk of strain and strain on the joint. Size S: Hand wrist circumference - 14-18cm.

Elastic wrist strap Ms. Teresa short (size S) designed to strengthen the ligament of the wrist, relieve pain and swelling, fight the strain and strain of the wrist joint.

Additional Information:
Store in a dark and dry place in the original packaging. Consult your doctor. When using a band, perform the basic set of rehabilitation exercises, abandoning exercise can lead to muscle weakness.

Do not apply directly to injured or damaged skin.

Use as intended. Use only the appropriate size band. Place the wristband at the height of the wrist joints, fasten. Hand wash at 40 ° C, with mild detergent. Protect from dirt. Do not iron, do not chlorinate.

Details. wrist straps.