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XAILIN Wash eye wash solution in single doses

VISUfarma BV

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XAILIN Wash eye wash solution in single doses

Pack size:20X5ml Dosage form:eye drop

XAILIN Wash eye wash solution in single doses

Xailin Wash®- THE name for quality in dry eye therapy

The Xailin ® products offer individual solutions for every patient with dry eyes and were introduced in Germany in 2014.

The Xailin ® products offer 24 hour relief, for all levels of dry eye severity: from refreshment to prevention, daily care to the therapy of chronic complaints.

Xailin Wash ® is an eyewash solution for:
• treating superficial irritation of the eyelids and eyeball.
• the supportive treatment of infectious, allergic or inflammatory diseases of the eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea.
• Daily and postoperative eye hygiene (children and adults).
Xailin Wash ® facilitates the removal of foreign bodies that irritate the eyes, such as sand, flies, dust, pollen, make-up residue, relieves discomfort and contributes to moisturizing the eyes.

Thanks to its ingredients combined with no preservatives, Xailin Wash ® is unique and contains proven ingredients: sodium chloride, boric acid, sodium borate, rose water and purified water.

Xailin Wash ® offers patient-friendly therapy. The rinsing solution can be used 2 to 8 times a day. Xailin Wash ® is also suitable for contact lens wearers and is preservative-free.