Xenna BALANCE powder sachets x 20

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Xenna BALANCE powder sachets x 20

  • Xenna Balance in the form of sachets, contains ingredients that affect the regulation of metabolism and provides help in removing troublesome constipation. Furthermore, included in the composition: sodium and potassium, protect the body from dehydration and leaching of the electrolytes.

1 sachet contains:
Macrogol (PEG) 3350 - 13,125g
Sodium chloride - 0,3507g
sodium bicarbonate - 0,1785g
potassium chloride - 0,0466g
1 sachet contains 13.81 g of powder

Xenna Balance is a specialized medical device, the task of which is to assist in regulating the process of emptying in the course of constipation with different substrate. Macrogol 3350 included in the product, softens the fecal mass and stimulates natural bowel movements, which in turn facilitates evacuation. In addition, each sachet Xenna Balance also contains valuable for the body electrolytes potassium and sodium, which protect the body from dehydration and loss of valuable elements from the body during purging. Preparation acts locally in the intestine and is not absorbed into the body.

Adults and children over 12 years: The usual dose is one sachet taken one to three times a day. The contents of the sachet are poured into the cup and cover it with 125 ml of water. The ingredients are well mixed - the powder is dissolved and drink immediately after preparation.