XLIM Active Meal Chocolate Powder 500 g Actively lose weight

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xlim Aktiv ® Meal Chocolate, Actively lose weight
Meal for a weight control diet with one type of sugar (fructose) and sweetener (stevia)

... gets women in shape!

XLIM Active Meal Chocolate Powder Actively lose weight
because it tastes good and works!

The ingredients of the xlim Aktiv ® meal, such as essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, activate the metabolism. The high proportion of biologically high quality protein in the form of GMO-free soy and whey proteins from xlim Aktiv ®Meal also helps build muscle and maintain muscle mass - despite the low calorie intake. Thanks to these properties, the substitute meal has a very positive influence on your shape and figure. In addition, the use of the light sweetness stevia does justice to the innovative product xlim Aktiv ® meal. Prepared with 275 ml low-fat (1.5 percent milk), the xlim Aktivv ® meal is a real treat . In the case of a low-calorie diet, replacing one meal with an xlim

Aktiv ® meal helps maintain weight, Actively lose weight and replacing two meals helps you lose weight. As part of the weight management program, one to three meals a day are provided by the xlim Aktiv ® Replaces meal.