XLIM Active Meal Vanilla Powder 500 g weight management

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xlim Aktiv ® Meal Vanilla weight management
Meal for a weight control diet with one type of sugar (fructose) and sweetener (stevia)

... gets women in shape!

Actively lose weight, weight management
because it tastes good and works!

A reliable companion for self-determined weight management.

The ingredients of the xlim Aktiv ® meal, such as essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, activate the metabolism. The high proportion of biologically high quality protein in the form of GMO-free soy and whey proteins from xlim Aktiv ®Meal also helps build muscle and maintain muscle mass - despite the low calorie intake. Thanks to these properties, the substitute meal has a very positive influence on your shape and figure. In addition, the use of the light sweetness stevia does justice to the innovative product xlim Aktiv ® meal. Prepared with 275 ml of low-fat milk (1.5 percent), the xlim Aktiv ® meal is a real treat . In the case of a low-calorie diet, replacing one meal with an xlim Aktiv ® meal helps maintain weight, and replacing two meals helps you lose weight. As part of the weight management program, one to three meals a day are provided by the xlim Aktiv ® Replaces meal.

XLIM Active Meal Vanilla Powder weight management Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet)