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XLS Medical fat binder tablets monthly supply 180 pcs

Omega Pharma Germany GmbH

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XLS-Medical fat binder tablets

XLS-Medical fat binder contains a patented fiber complex of vegetable origin, which is enriched with the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E.
The XLS-Medical fat binder with vitamins can bind up to 27% of the dietary fats contained in a meal, so that they are excreted undigested. The fat bound in this complex, including the calories it contains, can no longer be absorbed by the body. In the second phase, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E are released.

Taking XLS-Medical fat binder after the meal.
2. Insoluble and soluble fibers are released from the tablet.
3. The non-soluble fibers form a fat-fiber complex with the fat, which is additionally stabilized by the soluble fibers.
4. The fat-fiber complex is too large and cannot be absorbed by the body (small intestine).
5. Vitamins A, D and E are released.
6. The fat-fiber complex is excreted undigested.

Does XLS Medical actually work?
XLS-Medical is Clinically Shown to Help you Lose Weight

XLS has run several clinical trials to prove that Xls Medical really works - and can absorb as much as 27% of dietary fat while being gentle on the system too. Clinical studies carried out by XLS Medical to prove the efficiency and safety of the product.