YERBA MATE TEA fix x 20 sachets, best fat loss

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  • YERBA MATE TEA is a natural product with properties that stimulate and strengthen the body. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and increases the efficiency psychophysical.

Leaf Yerba Mate (yerba mate) - 75%, hibiscus flower - 25%.

The product is in the form of natural teas, which can be taken as a hot or cold drink. Effectively quenches thirst and definitely improves mood. It is refreshing for the mind and body. Leaf yerba mate (yerba mate) helps to regulate body weight. Exhibits strengthening and stimulating and toning. This increases efficiency and improves psychophysical resistance. Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory.Effective against fungus and protects against free radicals. It stimulates the production of bile and helps digestion. Moreover, the addition of hibiscus flower helps to improve the vitality and increase energy levels.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

tea should be used as a supplement to a balanced style diet and a healthy lifestyle. Indicated for people tired and it worked.

To use:
Apply orally in the form of infusion prepared according to the following scheme: 1 sachet pour 1 cup boiling water, infuse 5-10 minutes. Take x 1-3 / 24.