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YOGI TEA Himalaya organic filter bags 17X2 g ginger, fennel and cinnamon

TAOASIS GmbH Natural Fragrance Manufactory

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ginger, fennel and cinnamon YOGI TEA Himalaya organic filter bag

Ayurvedic herbal tea mixture with ginger, fennel and cinnamon.

Mysterious, deliberate, inspiring.

The tea for everyone who wants to broaden their horizons.

YOGI TEA Himalaya organic ginger, fennel and cinnamon

Faith moves mountains, and whoever believes in the unity of body, mind and soul brings the Himalayas home. Its meditative energy is in this classic chai, which is based on a very old recipe. Fennel and ginger give it a gentle note, the sweet cinnamon makes it particularly tasty. Best to enjoy sweetened and with milk or a vegan alternative.