ZABŁOCKA Iodine-bromine brine mist 950ml

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Zabłocka Iodine-bromine brine mist is a natural, safe product with a wide spectrum of action, which can be used to treat symptoms of colds, strep throat, flu and other ailments in both adults and children.

ZABŁOCKA Iodine-bromine brine mist Composition:
The content of the most important components:
calcium> 800 mg / l, bromine> 120 mg / l, magnesium> 400 mg / l, iodine> 100 mg / l, NaCl - 3%, pH-7
. potassium, iron, selenium, silicates, bicarbonates and many other micronutrients.

ZABŁOCKA Iodine-bromine brine mist Action:
Zabłocka iodine-bromine brine mist is intended for children and adults, which proves the safety of its use and the positive effects of supporting brine treatment. Zabłocka iodine-bromine brine mist is used for natural home treatment methods: angina, runny nose, colds, coughs, flu, aphthas, oral mycoses and periodontitis. Using the Zabłocka Mist, you can also perform home inhalations of the sinuses, throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs, as well as rinsing the throat and mouth - which until recently was only performed in health resorts. The phenomenon of Zabłocka brine mist results from its natural mineral composition, especially a very high concentration of iodine, and such elements as: bromine, calcium and magnesium. Iodine thinens mucus, bromine soothes irritations, causes the bronchial tubes to dilate and makes breathing easier. Calcium and magnesium are antiallergic and anti-inflammatory.

Zabłocka iodine-bromine brine mist is used to moisturize the respiratory tract, enrich the atmosphere of rooms with iodine and other minerals, moisturize and clean rooms from pollen and allergens, negatively ionize the air, facilitate and increase the comfort of breathing.

Directions for use:
The brine is used in: humidification, spraying devices and inhalers. Use in the natural state or in the form of a physiological solution, which can be obtained by mixing 1 part of brine with 2 parts of clean water.
Precipitation and discoloration are natural phenomena and do not reduce the value of the product. Keep tightly closed. Use with caution in hyperthyroidism and hypersensitivity to the preparation ingredients. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas