ZABŁOCKA Iodine-bromine thermal salt 1kg

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ZABŁOCKA During the bath, iodine-bromine thermal salt accelerates the process of ion exchange between the human body and the bathing solution. Thanks to this, it cleanses the body of metabolic products and toxins.

ZABŁOCKA Iodine-bromine thermal salt Composition:
Sodium chloride., The content of the most important ions: iodine- 800 mg / kg, bromine- 1000 mg / kg, magnesium 4000 mg / kg, calcium- 8000 mg / kg. potassium, iron, selenium, silicon, bicarbonate and many more.

ZABŁOCKA Iodine-bromine thermal salt Action:
Due to the content of many minerals, the product has a positive effect on the functioning of the body. It works well in the case of many ailments, e.g. rheumatic and neurological, dermatological, gynecological or ENT. It replenishes the body's levels of minerals and supports the detoxification process. This is especially true when bathing with iodine-bromine salt, which stimulates ion exchange. It cleans the body of toxic substances and metabolic waste products. In this way, it relieves the work of organs such as the liver and kidneys. It strengthens the immune and endocrine systems. The intensity of these processes depends on the concentration of the solution used in the bath. At home, you should not prepare a bath with a concentration greater than 5%.

ZABŁOCKA Iodine-bromine thermal salt Contraindications:
- allergy to the ingredients of the preparation
- hyperthyroidism
- circulatory failure
- acute inflammation

Use in the case of degeneration of the joints and spine, rheumatoid arthritis, radiculitis, discopathy, injuries, gouty arthritis, hypothyroidism, skin changes (e.g. mycosis, psoriasis, ichthyosis, acne, cellulite), respiratory infections (including larynx and sinuses), urinary incontinence, prolonged adnexitis, postoperative infiltrates. In addition, it is also recommended during convalescence, in the case of eating disorders and to improve the condition of the skin.

Directions for use:
Use externally. As part of therapeutic baths, use a 1-5% solution in series of 10 every other day, twice a year once (depending on ailments). As part of mineral baths, it is enough to use 200 g per bath of water. As part of the compresses, use hot compresses made of a solution with a concentration such as in therapeutic baths. As part of inhalation, use a solution made of dissolving 2-5 tablespoons of salt in 200-500 ml of water, then inhale its vapors. To rinse the throat, use 2 tablespoons of salt dissolved in a glass of water at 37 degrees C.