ZADITEN eye drops 0.25mg / ml 5ml

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  • Zaditen eye drops. ZADITEN is a product having the characteristics of the treatment of the antiallergic used primarily in patients who struggle with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

ketotifen fumarate (ketotifenum)

The drug recommended for patients during the occurrence of allergic seasons for the purposes of mitigating the effects of allergic conjunctivitis.

Preparation antiallergic action, it is opposite the histamine receptor H1. Moreover, it affects the activation and degranulation of eosinophils, blocks the penetration stabilize mast cells. The drug is devoid of preservatives in the composition. The penetration of substances into the bloodstream through the conjunctival sack is negligible.

- ketotifen or hypersensitivity to excipients of the formulation

Dosage Zaditen drops:
The formulation used topically directly into the conjunctival sac. The dosage for adults and children over three years is one drop into the eye being treated 2x daily. Applying a drug bust gently squeeze the eyelids and nasolacrimal duct after instillation. Before taking to remove contact lenses that you can wear again after at least 15 minutes after application preparation. The first time it is recommended to remove the first 5 drops, do not practice this step before the next use. In the case where both are used by the patient other drops, it is recommended to take a 5 minute intervals. It should not be mixed with alcohol, because it can enhance its performance. The drug does not lose its properties for 8 weeks of its opening later use the new package. Should follow the recommendations doctor, prevents the undesirable side effects of the medicine.