Zellamare intestinal powder 250 gr. Digestive Problems?

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Zellamare intestinal powder

Digestive Problems?

Solve digestive problems naturally

Zellamare intestine for sluggish intestines
- no additional drinking
250 g powder for 25 days (1 tablespoon per day)

Zellamare intestine is a dietary fiber for dissolving and drinking. Zellamare intestine increases the volume of the stool in a completely natural way and activates the digestion, without flatulence and without habituation effects. The special feature: Zellamare intestine is tasteless and therefore particularly pleasant to take. It can be combined with all kinds of foods. Zellamare gut is suitable for long-term use. This promotes daily well-being, counteracts flatulence and makes digestion easy and pleasant.

Zellamare intestinal powder Digestive Problems? Ingredients: Resistant dextrin (GMO free), free from gluten, lactose, colors, flavorings and preservatives. Storage and shelf life: Keep tightly closed, protected from moisture (15-25 ° C). Store in a dry place after opening.