Zepter Bioptron Compact III Light Therapy USED x1 unit


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Zepter Bioptron Compact III Light Therapy 

Zepter Bioptron Compact III Light Therapy (note. Used. Zepter Bioptron Nearly new - In excellent condition)

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This light is in excellent condition, like new, was barely used. Tested and in perfect working order. The device Zepter Bioptron has an EU plug. This is at best price on the market. Perfect for gift as well.

Zepter Bioptron Product description

Zepter Bioptron Compact III Light Therapy device is designed for use at home, in hospitals and in therapeutic centres. The device Zepter Bioptron is easy to handle for anybody, and in order to provide comfort it is equipped with a timer that gives a signal every two minutes. The device Zepter Bioptron is packed in a handy plastic case for smart storage at home or for travelling. The filter diameter of the Zepter Bioptron Compact III is approx. 4 cm. The floor stand facilitates consumer safety, mobility, high comfort for a relaxing treatment, convenience by table stand ergonomics or by low base construction of floor stands leading to fit under beds & chairs, snap-in security system, flexibility by reaching all body areas, consumer friendly assembly and adjusting. Oxy Sterile Spray is pure water enriched with a high concentration of pure oxygen, for moisturizing, refreshing, vitalizing, balancing, calming, relieving and protecting the skin.

This #product is used, among others in the #treatment of #musclePain, #rheumatism, #sinusitis, #colds.

About the product Zepter Bioptron
  • Zepter Bioptron A specific optical unit emitting light that is similar to that produced naturally by the sun but with no UV radiation
  • Designed for use at home, in hospitals and in therapeutic centres
  • The floor standgives high comfort for a relaxing treatment
  • Oxy Sterile Spray is pure water enriched with a high concentration of pure oxygen
  • Zepter Bioptron Made in Switzerland

Zepter Bioptron Compact III Light Therapy  ORIGINAL With case!

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Zepter Bioptron. Note. Used. Zepter Bioptron Compact III Light Therapy 

Easy to use, absolutely safe, powerful yet gentler with a stylish design and a state-of-the-art technology. The Bioptron MedAll is designed for use at home, in hospitals, wellness and sports centers.

Ergonomic, easy to handle and portable, the Bioptron MedAll can be carried anywhere and immediately programmed thanks to its integrated timer and state-of-the-art display system. The BIOPTRON Compact III Light Therapy device is designed primarily for use at home, but can of course also be applied by health professionals in both hospitals and clinics.

The 5cm filter allows the easy and convenient treatment of the whole body, from both small areas to larger areas such as the face, arms. legs.

In order for you to save energy, time and money, the innovative sleep mode function has been accurately designed to only use 0.5W standby power so that the device can be ready for use at anytime.

The Bioptron MedAll has a floor stand and a handy travel case for safe storage and transport.

The optional floor stand allows an optimal use for treatment of the whole body whilst at the same time being collapsible for space saving storage.

The BIOPTRON Compact III is equipped with an integrated timer that emits an audible beep every 2 minutes. The filter diameter (approximately 4cm) allows the treatment of small areas although larger treatment areas of the body are possible by successive repeated application according to the clinical indication.

 A single unit emits a broad range of light wavelengths at a constant intensity for safe light therapy
 Employs innovative new technology for visible results.
 Is a mobile, easily manageable and maintenance-free device.
 Developed and produced by BIOPTRON AG, Switzerland.
 BIOPTRON’s technology is endorsed and used by leading physicians in major universities and clinics across        five continents.




Filter diameter (approx) 5cm
Power supply 100-230V~, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 0.29-0.12 A
Rated power of halogen 20 W
Protective glass Class II IP 20
Weight without stand 0.5 kg
Ambient temperatures
- Operation +10°C to +30°C
- Storage -°C to +40°C
Wavelength 480 - 3400 nm
Degree of polarization >95% (590 - 1550 nm)
Specific power density av. 40 mW/cm2
Light energy per minute av. 2.4 J/cm2
CE labelling




For the Bioptron MedAll Light Therapy there is a stand available which allows the convenient positioning of the device according to the individual user's need.

Main Features:

— Consumer safety features

— Mobility

— Height adjustment for comfortable treatment positions

— Snap in security system

— Flexibility for reaching all areas of the body

— Consumer friendly and easy assembly and adjustment design.

BIOPTRON MedAll with floor stand: PAG-960-SET

The Application of BIOPTRON Light Therapy

The duration of each treatment session as well as the entire course of treatment depends on the health problem and related condition to be treated.

Depending on the condition BIOPTRON Light Therapy will only take a few minutes either once or twice a day.

1 - Before applying the BIOPTRON Light Therapy clean the area you wish to treat. Not: Any dressings must be removed before treatment.


2 - Point the light beam onto the area to be treated. Hold the device at any angle of 90° and keep a treatment distance of approximately 10 cm (4 inches). The light beam should not be moved during the treatment process. In order to cover large areas of the body treat them point by point until the whole surface has been covered.


3 - Apply the BIOPTRON Light Therapy once or twice a day. For example every morning and evening for between 4 to 10 minutes.


4 - Repeat the above instructions for each area of the body to be treated. Please make sure that you sustain a daily treatment in order to maximise the effectiveness of BIOPTRON Light Therapy.


5 - Unplug the device after use.

Additional Matching Product for the BIOPTRON MedAll

BIOPTRON Colour Light Therapy Set

Colour Therapy has been used since ancient times in various forms to balance as well as enhance our energy resulting in keeping our body, mind and spirit in a state of balanced health and harmony. Colour is pure vibration and can balance and thereby increase our energy.

Colour is light and light is colour

The sun emits light at different frequencies. These frequencies of light can be separated by a process called refraction. When light goes through a crystal prism, it refracts and divides into the seven colours of the spectrum. Each colour has its own frequency.

If the separated colours go through another prism they will reform as white light. The first person to demonstrate this phenomenon at the end of the 17th century was Isaac Newton, the great British physicist.


Colour wavelengths and frequencies

Energy is considered to travel in waves. The distance between successive waves is called wavelength and the number of times a wave oscillates in one second is called frequency. As a general rule: the longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency. Each colour has its own characteristic frequency and its individual wavelength. Only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible to the human eye.

Violet has the shortest wavelength while red has the longest.
Beyond violet lies ultraviolet which, although invisible to the human eye, can pass through our body. Ultraviolet is what provides us with a suntan and kills bacteria.

The longest wavelength at the other end of the spectrum is emitted by red. Beyond red lies infrared followed by microwaves, radar, radio and television wavelengths; all invisible to the human eye. Red, orange and yellow, carried on longer wavelengths, seem to reach the eye faster than the colours on the other side of the spectrum. They are called warm colours as we associate them with fire and sunshine.

Green, blue and violet are perceived as cool colours. They travel in shorter wavelengths, so they seem to take longer to reach our eyes; they bring to mind the water of the sea and rivers, the sky and the winter dawn. They are also called receding colours, because of the length of time their energy takes to reach our eyes. Each warm colour has its complementary cool colour: red – blue; orange – indigo; yellow – violet; green – red (magenta).


Reveal the power of colour

Everybody feels dull and sluggish sometimes. Have you ever thought that perhaps you are surrounded by the wrong colour? Colours are essential for our body and soul, and can keep our batteries charged. No matter what colour you like to wear or surround yourself with, the seven colours of sunlight can influence us subconsciously







The 7 colours of the rainbow

You know it very well. When the sun shines through the rain, you may see a rainbow in the sky.

As sunlight passes through the water droplets, it bends and splits into the colours of the rainbow. Sunlight is known as visible or white light and is actually a mixture of all visible colours. A rainbow is made up of seven colours because the water droplets break the white sunlight into the seven colours of the spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). The bigger the raindrops are, the brighter the rainbow will appear in the sky.

We can feel the colours

Colour is energy. Every colour has its own wavelength and frequency. As a result, we perceive colour not only visually, but absorb it subconsciously through our skin. When penetrating our body, colour produces chemical reactions that affect the function of various organs and systems. Colour helps our skin “tissues” and organs to stock up on energy, thus increasing the body’s resistance. This newly charged energy gives us strength to fight against disease.

Violet - crown chakra

Indigo - brow chakra

Blue - throat chakra

Green - heart chakra

Yellow - solar plexus chakra

Orange - sacral chakra

Red - base chakra



The colour chakra therapy

Health is contingent upon balancing not only our physical needs, but our emotional, mental and spiritual needs as well. The colour chakra therapy principle is based on the assumption, that colours are associated with seven main chakras, which are spiritual centres in our bodies located along the spine. These chakras are like spirals of energy, each one relating to a specific area.
Chakra (pronounced sha-kra) is the Sanskrit word for "wheel". It is assumed, that chakras store and distribute energy. There are seven of these chakras and each is associated with a particular organ or system in the body. Each chakra has a dominant colour, which may become imbalanced. If this happens, it can cause a disorder with physical ramifications. By introducing the appropriate colour the disorder is considered to have been improved.
Below is a description of each chakra, its corresponding colour and body area location.

Colours and their qualities

Red represents health, fire, heat, blood, passion, will power, survival, anger, temper, danger and destruction. It stimulates, excites and acts as an irritant. It gives man a sense of power. It is used to energise, and encourage movement, instant response and passion. It is used for red traffic lights, the Red Cross, etc.


Orange is a happy, joyful, creative and warm colour, combining physical energy with mental qualities. It is the colour of creativeness and adaptability. It induces a general sense of well-being and cheerfulness. Orange symbolises warmth and prosperity and relates to self-respect i.e. an orange wall in the dining room to promote family union or orange sunsets for relaxation.


Yellow is the colour of intellect and perception. In the old days it was the colour that symbolised life and joy. Yellow relates to self-worth and how we feel about ourselves. It is the colour of the personality and ego. It is psychologically good for despondent and melancholic conditions. It is the colour for clear thinking, detachment, brightness, confidence and charm. For instance businessmen are suggested to wear yellow ties for self-confidence.


Green is the colour of love, progress, youth growth, inexperience, fertility, hope, balance and new life. It is also the colour of jealousy, envy and superstition, as it is the colour of feelings. It is also a calming and quieting colour. Worn by surgeons to calm the patient, green builds up the immune system. It also fights stress e.g. a walk through green fields promotes relaxation.


Blue is psychologically more soothing than green, in emotional conditions. It is the colour for meditation and spiritual expansion, as it relaxes the mind. Blue is the colour of truth, devotion, calmness and sincerity. It is the colour of higher mental qualities. Blue relates to self-expression. It is the colour of peace, comfort and reliability. Blue hospital signs support tranquility, patience and health, while blue uniforms inspire security and reliability.


Indigo is psychologically a good colour for discipline, structure, faith and efficiency. It is also considered to help clear away addictive emotions. Indigo brings up fears, encourages and inspires self-responsibility. It symbolises structure, focus and duty e.g. dark blue-indigo business suits, school uniforms, etc.


Violet is psychologically related to self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. Always considered to be a healing colour, it encourages the union of ego and spirit. It is a powerful colour and should not be used with children. As a relaxing, spiritual colour it is used in churches, funerals (to feel closer to God for comfort and understanding), therapeutic rooms, old people’s homes; it takes people’s minds off daily worries.


Colour and personality traits

RED Courageous, confident, humanistic, strong-willed, spontaneous, honest and extroverted.



ORANGE Enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic, sporty, self-assured and constructive.



YELLOW Good-humoured, optimistic, confident, practical and intellectual.



GREEN Understanding, self-controlled, adaptable, sympathetic, compassionate, generous, humble, nature loving and romantic.



BLUE Loyal, tactful, affectionate, inspiring, inventive, caring and cautious.



INDIGO Intuitive, fearless, practical, idealistic, wise and a truth seeker.



VIOLET Inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self-sacrificing, visionary, creative and mentally strong.




Colours as your first aid

Problem: Colours that can help you:
Poor concentration Yellow or Violet
Shortness of breath Blue
Indigestion Yellow
Feeling the cold Red
Love and relationship problems Orange
Bereavement Pink or Green
Stress Green
Persistent headaches Blue or Violet


PAG-960 Bioptron MedAll £650.00
PAG-964 FSM Bioptron MedAll Floor Strand £80.00
PAG-965 BIOPTRON Colour Therapy Set 7 Colour Lenses + Booklets £473.00
PAG- Bioptron MedAll + F/Stand & 7 Colour Lenses + Booklets £
  Bioptron Pro 1 + F/Stand & 7 Colour Lenses + Booklets £

All prices include V.A.T. at 20%

I had the pleasure of attending the NAIDEX conference and spoke to camera about my work as International Training Consultant for BIOPTRON Light Therapy Devices and you can watch the short video recording by clicking on the link below.

Watch The NAIDEX Conference Video for interviews and more information on BIOPTRON Light Therapy Systems (opens in Separate Window and viewable in Microsoft Player MP4 File)

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical alterations and design modifications.

 A single unit emits a broad range of light wavelengths at a constant intensity for safe light therapy
 Employs innovative new technology for visible results.
 Is a mobile, easily manageable and maintenance-free device.
 Developed and produced by BIOPTRON AG, Switzerland.
 BIOPTRON’s technology is endorsed and used by leading physicians in major universities and clinics across five continents.