ZETUVIT E Swabs sterile 10cm x 20cm x 25 pieces, DRESSING


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  • ZETUVIT E DRESSING. STERILE compresses ZETUVIT E is a four-ply absorbent compresses that protect the wound from infection and exhibit a significant absorbing properties.

polypropylene fibers

swabs consisting of four layers which allow the wound to protect against contact with the external environment. With the appropriate hydrophobic polypropylene fibers in the layer located directly on the wound, does not adhere to compress it. Cigarette cellulose permits the distribution of the exudates, which allows a better use of the absorbent layer. This in turn is made of a soft pulp of cellulose, which is characterized by a high absorbing properties and lining the. However, the final layer prevents phlegm and protects the injured place from contact with the environment.

It is recommended that the compress for heavily exuding wounds.

After cleaning, apply a wound dressing with absorbent compress.