ZIAJA SOPOT Sun Lotion SPF 50+ 125ml


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  • Ziaja Sopot Sun sun lotion SPF50, is waterproof, greasy cosmetic recommended for people with very fair skin and sensitive skin - prone to sunburn and phototoxic reactions and photoallergic. It contains organic filters UVA / UVB

Active ingredients:
UVA / UVB organic filters UVA / UVB mineral Action: Ziaja Sopot Sun Lotion SPF 50 is a modern cosmetic, which is a very high protection against sun rays. Dedicated particularly for those with very fair skin and those with a high sensitivity to sunlight and sunburn -ulegającym phytotoxic reactions and photoallergic. The emulsion contains special UVA / UVB organic, capable of absorbing the radiation, which are characterized by high efficiency and low penetration of the skin - no toxic effects on the skin. The emulsion contains an UVA / UVB minerals which contain two natural mineral pigments, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They form a protective film on the surface of the skin that protects against ultraviolet rays.Emulsion Sopot Sun is waterproof, which gives the guarantee of protection while bathing. Cosmetic prolongs a safe stay in the open air during intense sun exposure regardless of the season. Perfectly prevents sunburn and premature skin aging. Moisturizes the skin and cause irritation. Application: Waterproof fat emulsion recommended for people with very fair skin or sensitive skin prone to sunburn and phototoxic reactions and photoallergic. Also recommended during extreme climatic conditions, especially during autumn and winter and for actively practicing winter sports. How to use: Apply a generous amount of emulsion on the exposed surface of the body 15 minutes before sun exposure. Use several times during sun exposure, especially after intensive swimming, toweling and perspiring. Avoid contact with eyes and clothing. Excessive exposure to the sun may cause a health hazard. The product does not provide 100% UV protection.