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ZINC Ointment, zinc oxide 20g


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ZINC Ointment, zinc oxide 20g

ZINC Ointment zinc oxide

ZINC Ointment is a preparation showing local drying properties, which supports the healing process of skin wounds.

100 g of ointment: 10 g of zinc oxide. (10g Zinci oxydum), hydrophilic petroleum jelly.

ZINC Ointment zinc oxide Action:
The preparation intended for topical use contains zinc oxide, which owes its drying effect. Coats chafed skin and supports the wound healing process and prevents further irritation.

- allergy to components of the preparation
- acute dermatitis
- open wounds

ZINC Ointment zinc oxide Indications:
Supportive use is recommended in the case of skin inflammations, acne lesions and slight abrasions of the epidermis.

ZINC Ointment zinc oxide Dosage:
Apply a small amount of the ointment to the affected area, repeating the action x 1-2 / 24h.