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Zinc oxide paste, BW soft

Bombastus-Werke AG

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ZINC PASTE BW soft, Zinc oxide paste

Soft paste for applying to the skin

Active ingredient: zinc oxide

Area of ​​Zinc oxide paste application:

Zinc paste soft BW is a wound healing agent. It is used externally to support the therapy of subacute and chronic eczema, for soreness of the skin in the intertriginous area due to chafing and moisture, for diaper rash, and to cover the area around lower leg ulcers (ulcus cruris).

Dosage Zinc oxide paste and method of application:

Unless otherwise prescribed, zinc paste, soft BW is applied to the affected skin areas once or several times a day and covered with gauze.

Zinc oxide paste Composition:

100 g (= 88 ml) paste contains the active ingredient: 30 g zinc oxide. The other ingredients are: thick paraffin, white petroleum jelly, bleached wax.

Hypersensitivity (allergy) to the active ingredient or one of the other ingredients of zinc paste, soft BW.

Side effects:
A slight burning sensation may occur after applying zinc paste, soft BW to highly inflamed areas of skin. Occasionally skin intolerance reactions may occur.

Interactions with other agents:
Before using other external agents (externally applied agents), zinc paste, soft BW must be completely removed (limited effect of other external agents).

For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.