ZINK 10 + C 20 ervescent tablets / ZINK 10+ C

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ZINC 10 + C ervescent tablets indications:

Zinc 10 + Vitamin C is a combination of two vital nutrients that serves to stimulate and strengthen the body's resistance. When we are in periods of higher capacity (stress, sports, pregnancy, growth, recovery from surgery, burns or injuries, smoking, etc.), the body's needs for vitamin C and zinc increase significantly and it is difficult to meet them with the food. If these periods last long enough and during them the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals do not enter the body, then there are prerequisites for compromising the immune system and other important vital functions and systems.

Zinc 10 + C contains the optimal amount of zinc and vitamin C as a supplement to the usual diet. With it the protective mechanisms are strengthened and you enjoy good health!

 ZINK 10 + C Composition:

ZINC 10 + C effervescent tablets composition (in 1 tablet):

Vitamin C: 120 mg

Zinc: 10 mg


Take 1 effervescent tablet Zinc 10 + C daily, dissolved in a glass of water.

The ZINK 10 + C 20 ervescent tablets / ZINK 10+ C is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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