Zuccarin x 60 tablets, sliming diet, diabetes symptoms

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  • Zuccarin is a dietary supplement containing extract of the white mulberry, whose legitimate activity has an effect on the absorption of sugars in the body and reduces their absorption. The product is recommended for diabetics and people using slimming diet.

Extract from white mulberry ( Morus alba ) 500 mg, microcrystalline cellulose (stabilizer), di-calcium phosphate (stabilizer), magnesium stearate (s.przeciwzbrylająca), silicon dioxide (s.przeciwzbrylająca).

Zuccarin, is a natural dietary supplement based on extract of the white mulberry, indicated for obese people suffering from diabetes who want to regulate blood sugar levels and for all who suffer malaise, circulatory disorders, poor condition and low resistance to stress .
supplementation body through Zuccarin helps in the prevention and antidiabetic effect on the severity of the diabetes type II.

Zuccarin contains a standardized extract of the white mulberry, which reduces the absorption of sugar and starch after meals. The formulation Zuccarin said trace amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It can be used by people on vegetarian or vegan diets and by diabetics.

Directions for use:
Adults: orally 2 times daily 1 tablet before eating or, if necessary, after consuming a large portion of sugar or starch.