ZUMA allowance 0.2% eye drops 10ml


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  • Eye relief ZUMA 0.2% formulation in the form of eye drops which, owing to the hyaluronic acid content moisturizing and protective ocular. Alleviates the symptoms of dry eye.

sodium hyaluronate 0.2%, disodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, edetate czterosodu, benzalkonium chloride, and purified water.

Eye drops containing hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes eyes relieving dryness and symptoms of fatigue caused by the impact of environmental factors such as wind, sun, dry air, salt water, smoke, or dust, etc. In addition, a moisturizing contact lenses, which facilitates the donning and removal, while neutralizing irritation when worn. Alleviates the symptoms of dry eye.

The product is recommended to moisten the eyes and alleviate feelings of fatigue and dryness of the eyes, caused by the interaction of environmental factors (wind, dust, air-conditioning, high temperature, etc.). In addition, it can be used to facilitate the installation and removal of contact lenses thanks to their moisturizing.

- hypersensitivity to ingredients
- injury of the eye
- following surgery
- ocular inflammation of bacterial, fungal, and viral

Wkropić directly to the eye one drop x 2-3 / 24.