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ZUMA gel with skylight eye and eyelid to irritated skin 15ml


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  • ZUMA gel with skylight eye and eyelid skin is irritated preparation, which is responsible for lightening the skin around the eyes, refreshing and reducing the irritation caused by cosmetic treatments.

Extract from eyebright, chamomile, cornflower and aloe vera, D-panthenol, allantoin, hyaluronic acid.

The product belongs to a wide group of skin care cosmetics. Is a specially formulated set of components positively influencing the condition of the skin around the eyes. His action owes natural substances. After application refreshes the contour of the eye.Refreshed is the skin under the eyes, and irritation (redness, burning) are reduced. The product moisturizes, smoothes and improves skin elasticity. Koi and increases its elasticity.

Recommended for use on the skin around the eyes (the eyes and eyelids) for removing signs of irritation caused by cosmetic treatments.

For external use only. Apply to the skin (gently patting) under the eyes and eyelids in the morning and evening.