ZYLKENE 75 mg resultant feed Chews for dogs / cats 14 pc


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ZYLKENE ® CHEWS for dogs and cats
Supplementary feed (Chews) for dogs and cats

Trypsin-hydrolysed cattle casein

ZYLKENE ® CHEWS for dogs and cats Composition:
Zylkene ® Chews - for small dogs and cats (75mg) corn starch
, glycerine, yeast extracts, cellulose powder , casein (trypsin-hydrolysed cattle casein) - and diglycerides of fatty acids (based on soybean oil), soybean oil, sunflower oil.

ZYLKENE ® CHEWS for dogs and cats Additives:
antioxidants, preservatives.

ZYLKENE ® CHEWS for dogs and cats Analytical components:
crude protein 15.5%, crude fiber 12%, moisture 10%, crude fat 8.5%, crude ash 3%.

ZYLKENE ® CHEWS for dogs and cats Properties of
Zylkene ®Chews are tasty and easy to feed. Feed Zylkene ® Chews to dogs and cats that are exposed to unfamiliar, stressful situations or that are facing events such as changes in the environment, being left alone, growing families, keeping multiple pets, lactation, weaning, traveling, fireworks or for all situations which will change your pet's usual routine.

ZYLKENE ® CHEWS for dogs and cats Feeding advice:
The chews can be fed directly or mixed with the feed. br /> Recommended feeding time: Give 1-2 days before the changeover or change in the environment. For some animals, an earlier dose proves to be useful (5 - 7 days). In the event of severe behavior problems, please speak to your veterinarian. Clubs that offer special behavior training can help you.

Storage conditions before and after opening:
Always keep bags tightly closed, dry and below 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.