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Zylkene dog, zylkene for cats, Calm farm animal noises, calm animals


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Zylkene 75 mg Animal calming preparation 10 capsules


Zylkene dog, zylkene for cats, Calm farm animal noises, calm animals:

Zylkene is a dietary supplement used when the animal is exposed to stress and changes in its environment. Zylkene contains natural, biologically active alpha-casozepine. Alpha-casozepine was discovered by scientists who observed a relationship between the state of relaxation and the consumption of mother's milk in puppies and kittens. It was rightly assumed that this was related to the specificity of digestion in young individuals, where the pool of digestive enzymes is dominated by trypsin, and in adults by pepsin. These observations led to the discovery of a natural ingredient in milk, the active biopeptide alpha-casozepine - a product of the digestion of casein by trypsin. Its usefulness has also been confirmed in dogs and cats.

Zylkene dog, zylkene for cats, Calm farm animal noises, calm animals Indications:

Zylkene is a preparation in the form of milk powder enclosed in easy-to-administer capsules. It is well tolerated by animals, does not cause drowsiness and can be administered for a long time without side effects. It can be given to cats and lactating bitches, as well as to puppies and kittens during the weaning period.
Zylkene is recommended for administration to fearful or anxious animals that react with stress to changes in the environment or unexpected situations. It is successfully used in the case of
- driving a car
- visiting a veterinary clinic
- the arrival of a new member of the household
- the appearance of a new animal in the household
- storms, gunshots, fireworks
- moving
- exhibitions
- loneliness during owners' trips

Zylkene relieves anxiety and improves the cognitive abilities of animals, therefore, it is recommended to start administering the preparation before the expected event and continue until balance is restored in the animal's environment.
Zylkene is not a substitute for a balanced diet.

Zylkene dog, zylkene for cats, Calm farm animal noises, calm animals Use:

Dogs and cats under 5 kg of body weight - 1 capsule per day.
Dogs and cats of 5-10 kg of body weight - 2 capsules per day.

Recommended duration of use
: Short-term administration - use 1-2 days before an expected event or change in the environment. Some animals may require earlier administration (5-7 days).
Long-term administration - 1-2 months. Before extending the period of use, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian. The animal must be provided with constant access to drinking water. The administration time of the preparation depends on the individual sensitivity of the animal - the intensity of the fear reaction. In severe cases, such as hypersensitivity to sounds or separation problems, the combined use of Zylkene with behavioral therapy may be necessary or even require psychopharmacology.
The capsule can be administered whole or opened and its contents mixed with food, a treat or liquid.