With SOFORT online shopping payments has never been easier!

With SOFORT online shopping payments has never been easier!


You can use your own online banking login details – convenient and secure. And thanks to the transaction confirmation your order can be processed immediately.

SOFORT is one of the safest payment methods on the Internet. And why is that? With SOFORT you use your secure online banking.

  • Entry of your online banking details and of the confirmation code, occurs entirely in the secure payment form of SOFORT GmbH, where the merchant has no access.
  • Sensitive information (like confidential login details and confirmation code) is not stored.
  • SOFORT GmbH possesses the TÜV seal “Approved Data Protection” and SOFORT has the certificate “Approved Payment System“ awarded by TÜV Saarland.

    More than 35,000 online shops, i.e. merchants or service providers on the Internet, in 13 European countries already offer SOFORT as a payment option.

  • SOFORT already allows you to receive payments from 13 European countries.

    Your advantages:

    • International business opportunities in 13 European countries
    • High bank coverage throughout Europe
    • High sales potential due to the widespread use of online banking
    • You can offer your international customers an easy and secure payment method

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