Tabex - smoking pills: instructions for use

Posted by Milen Kovachev on

Tabex - anti-smoking pills Tabex tablets are a real opportunity to quit smoking or significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Here nature comes to the rescue: the raw material for Tabex is the creeping plant . From this plant, the cytisine alkaloid is isolated , which is the active substance of Tabex. Since 1999, when Tabex was launched in Bulgaria, many thousands of people got rid of the harmful habit of smoking with these pills. The effectiveness of the drug is confirmed by clinical studies and numerous reviews of grateful patients. Action of tablets Tabex relieves withdrawal symptoms, i.e....

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Desmoxan instructions for use

Posted by Ernestas Bakutis on

Tobacco addiction has been troubling doctors around the world for many years. The harm caused by tobacco products is obvious to every adult, but very few find the strength to get rid of this disgusting habit - not only to poison their own body, but also to harm the health of others . Despite the fight against nicotine addiction, cigarette production continues to grow, and the number of smokers is steadily increasing. To combat addiction, the best doctors are developing more and more new drugs that can help people who are addicted to nicotine. These drugs have varying efficacy, and...

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