CALCIUM HASCO Allergy Syrup 150ml, allergy symptoms


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  • CALCIUM HASCO ALLERGY syrup complements the level of calcium in the body. It promotes the growth and mineralization of bone and helps to relieve the symptoms of allergic.

100 ml syrup contains: Calcii glubionas anhydricus (calcium glukonolaktobionianu anhydrous) 29.4 g; Calcii lactobionas dihydrate (calcium lactobionate dihydrate) 6.4 g corresponding to 2.31 ​​g of calcium ion.
5 ml of syrup contains 115.6 mg of calcium ion.

CALCIUM HASCO ALLERGY syrup is a product that does not contain artificial colorings and flavorings. Exhibits remineralizing and anti-allergic. It helps to reduce the permeability of capillaries and cell membranes, which reduces allergic reactions. It helps maintain normal neurotransmission. Beneficial effect on the function of muscle tissue. He participates in the growth and regeneration of bone tissue and blood clotting.

- Hypersensitivity to ingredients
- increased blood calcium levels (hypercalcemia eg. In patients with elevated parathyroid activity, significant renal failure, hypervitaminosis D)
- hypercalciuria
- impaired renal function
- kidney stones
- atrioventricular block.

It is recommended to use the product to supplement the deficiencies of calcium, especially in the states of increased demand for this component, such as. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, time of intense growth in children, convalescence, bone fractures, rickets. Indicated also incidentally during treatment of allergic disorders.

For oral use. In adults, use 15 mL x 2-3 / 24. Children up to 6 years administer 5 ml syrup x 2-3 / 24. Children 6 to 12 years administered 10 ml of syrup x 2-3 / 24.

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