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Manganese CITRATE 5 mg NHC capsules

Nature Health Concept GmbH

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Manganese CITRATE 5 mg NHC capsules

Manganese 5 mg | 60 vegan capsules

Pack size:60 pieces Dosage form:Capsules

Trace elements and minerals
In contrast to vitamins, minerals and trace elements are inorganic. We need building blocks such as calcium or magnesium to build body structures such as bones or muscles. But they also regulate metabolic processes such as blood pressure or are important for immunological processes. Trace elements are minerals that we only need and can use in minimal quantities. That doesn't make them any less important. Selenium, for example, is important for cell protection, but also for the functioning of enzymes, hormones and much more.

Building connective tissue (joints) and body protein · important for the functioning of many enzymes.

1 capsule once a day

Ingredients per capsule
Manganese (citrate) 5 mg

Other ingredients
Microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose (capsule shell), finely divided silicic acid

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

manganese citrate benefits:

Manganese helps the body form connective tissue, bones, blood clotting factors, and sex hormones. It also plays a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolismcalcium absorption, and blood sugar regulation. Manganese is also necessary for normal brain and nerve function.

The activator manganese contributes to:
- normal energy metabolism
- maintaining normal bones
- normal connective tissue formation
Manganese also contributes to protecting cells from oxidative stress. In this product, the manganese is present as citrate and can therefore be absorbed particularly well by the body. naturafit traditionally only offers you pure substances with the best bioavailability in premium pharmacy quality. In our micronutrient factory, dietary supplements are manufactured by hand. Thanks to our unique process, we can produce products gently and without trickling aids. To ensure that our premium pharmacy quality is maintained, we only use brown pharmacy glass for our naturafit products. In this way, we not only make a contribution to the environment, but also prevent plastic plasticizers from getting into the product - because only glass maintains absolute purity.